By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use tarot as an intuition tool for self growth and transformation

  • How to read tarot for yourself and others

  • A deeper understanding of subconscious beliefs

  • Your own set of tarot cards that YOU created

  • Develop your own unique way of reading the cards

  • Be able to interpret the cards without looking up the tarot card meanings

  • Craft your own voice + relationship with tarot

  • Connect with a community for hands on learning

  • Learn the art of storytelling with the tarot cards

The 8 Week Course Syllabus

  • 1

    Week 1: Building a Strong Tarot Foundation

    • Welcome to the Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course!

    • What is the Tarot? An Overview

    • The Power of Intention

    • Opening Up your Intuitive Abilities

    • How to Approach a Tarot Reading

    • Asking the Right Questions

    • How to Read a 3 Card Spread

    • How to Read a Celtic Cross Spread

  • 2

    Week 2: Major Arcana Pt. 1

    • Welcome to Week 2!

    • 0. The Fool

    • 1. The Magician

    • 2. The High Priestess

    • 3. The Empress

    • 4. The Emperor

    • 5. The Hierophant

    • 6. The Lovers

    • 7. The Chariot

    • 8. Strength

    • 9. The Hermit

    • 10. The Wheel of Fortune

    • Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

  • 3

    Week 3: Major Arcana Pt. 2

    • Welcome to Week 3!

    • 11. Justice

    • 12. The Hanged Woman

    • 13. Death

    • 14. Temperance

    • 15. The Devil

    • 16. The Tower

    • 17. The Star

    • 18. The Moon

    • 19. The Sun

    • 20. Judgement

    • 21. The World

    • Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

  • 4

    Week 4: Cups - Water - Emotions & Relationships

    • Intro: The Suit of Cups

    • Ace of Cups

    • Two of Cups

    • Three of Cups

    • Four of Cups

    • Five of Cups

    • Six of Cups

    • Seven of Cups

    • Eight of Cups

    • Nine of Cups

    • Ten of Cups

    • Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

  • 5

    Week 5: Pentacles - Earth - Finances & Materiality

    • Intro: The Suit of Pentacles

    • Ace of Pentacles

    • Two of Pentacles

    • Three of Pentacles

    • Four of Pentacles

    • Five of Pentacles

    • Six of Pentacles

    • Seven of Pentacles

    • Eight of Pentacles

    • Nine of Pentacles

    • Ten of Pentacles

    • Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

  • 6

    Week 6: Swords - Air - Communication & Mental Pursuits

    • Intro: The Suit of Swords

    • Ace of Swords

    • Two of Swords

    • Three of Swords

    • Four of Swords

    • Five of Swords

    • Six of Swords

    • Seven of Swords

    • Eight of Swords

    • Nine of Swords

    • Ten of Swords

    • Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

  • 7

    Week 7: Wands - Fire - Passion & Creativity

    • Intro: The Suit of Wands

    • Ace of Wands

    • Two of Wands

    • Three of Wands

    • Four of Wands

    • Five of Wands

    • Six of Wands

    • Seven of Wands

    • Eight of Wands

    • Nine of Wands

    • Ten of Wands

    • Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

  • 8

    Week 8 - Court Cards - Personalities within Tarot

    • Intro: Court Cards

    • Princess of Cups

    • Princess of Pentacles

    • Princess of Swords

    • Princess of Wands

    • Knight of Cups

    • Knight of Pentacles

    • Knight of Swords

    • Knight of Wands

    • Queen of Cups

    • Queen of Pentacles

    • Queen of Swords

    • Queen of Wands

    • King of Cups

    • King of Pentacles

    • King of Swords

    • King of Wands

    • Final Weekly Group Coaching Call + Hands on Tarot Practice

Every week we will have live meetings that will include:

  • AMA - ask me anything! Submit your questions every week and I will select a handful to answer by our next weekly meeting

  • Tarot practice - breakout rooms for hands-on tarot practice. You will be paired randomly with someone attending the live meeting to meet and practice your newly acquired tarot skills

  • Group coaching - we will go over tips and tricks to build your tarot practice and mindset

Special Bonuses

Additional resources for your tarot journey - valued at $1,500 included with the course!

  • How to Charge for Tarot Readings

    Take your practice to the next level when you begin to take on clients! Learn some best practices as well as the different ways you can turn your tarot practice into your side hustle in this masterclass. Valued at $222

  • Tarot Workbook Bundle

    Expand your tarot practice with this extensive workbook including 33 tarot spreads for different occasions, rituals, and tarot planner worksheets to plan and reflect on your future. Valued at $78

  • Hands On Tarot Practice

    Every week there will be weekly group coaching calls, answering questions, going over tutorials, guided meditations, and scheduled hands on tarot practice! Valued at $1,200

25% off from NOW until July 14th

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Why intuition is not only important, but practical

Tarot connects you to your higher self, connecting you to your most trusted source - you!

  • Plays an essential role for decision-making in rapidly changing environments

  • Intuition is a form of intelligence

  • Combines knowledge and self-awareness to effectively put the power of intuition to work

  • Increase in empathy

  • Use self awareness to connect to others more deeply

  • Goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence

Take control over your destiny by taking an active role in your healing journey

It's easy to be constantly overwhelmed by outside noise like the news and social media. Use your tarot practice to tune into your inner wisdom, relieve anxiety & stress, and most importantly - DO👏THE👏WORK👏

Hi, I'm Grace Duong

It's my pleasure to teach this tarot course for you!

I'm the artist, author, and founder of Mystic Mondays, the best selling tarot deck and app. After being the recipient of tarot readings for many years, I decided to create my own deck to deepen my understanding of tarot and to trust my intuition, launching a successful Kickstarter that has led to the publication of the tarot deck worldwide. Since then, I've hosted a variety of tarot workshops from Macy's STORY in NYC, to the Philadelphia Art Museum, to independent book stores and galleries, to hosting a pop up at Urban Outfitters Space15Twenty, and so on. I have also taught visual design at General Assembly in Los Angeles as well as illustration at Temple University - Tyler School of Art. I am a certified Reiki Master, using energy healing in my spiritual practice in tandem with tarot reading. My work is at the intersection of art, tech, and metaphysics and I am excited to teach tarot in a way that uses creativity and intuition to both fuel and empower you. I am a true believer that the more we do our inner work, the more we are able to show up in the world as our most empowered and authentic selves. I call tarot an intuition tool, and once you learn how to use the cards, you unlock a portal to reach your highest potential. I'm honored to be your guide and to show you the transformative power of tarot, as much as it has helped to transform me.
Mystic Mondays Grace Duong Founder Teacher

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  • When will this course launch?

    On August 3, 2020. Mark your calendars!

  • Do I get lifetime access to this course?

    Yes! We all learn at our own pace so this course will be flexible to you and your schedule. The lessons will be released on a weekly basis and if you need more time, you are welcome to it!

  • Will there be a Facebook Group?

    Yes, there will be an exclusive Facebook group for this course when released!

  • Will you be creating other courses in the future?

    Most definitely. This is a course for anyone looking to build a deeper relationship with tarot, whether you are a complete beginner or have prior experience! This course is designed to develop your intuitive powers and strengthen your practice with tarot based on who you are. After that, there are many ways we can progress!

  • Do you have more questions?

    Email and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience!